Featured Organization – November 2023

From Silenced To Saved

From Silenced to Saved

From Silenced to Saved (fondly FSTS) is an anti-human trafficking organization founded and spearheaded by Jenelle Goodrich. FSTS is a third-party case management organization and the only one left in the state of Colorado giving services to minors of Human Trafficking in a case management capacity. FSTS works closely and carefully with Law Enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels to provide necessary services for this very specific and vulnerable victim population. FSTS, to date, is the only Non-Governmental organization to respond on the scene with the FBI Child Exploitation Human Trafficking Task Force for operations such as Operation Cross Country and MLB all-star games. Also, FSTS has assisted in providing services to local and state undercover operations to make sure not only victim needs were met but that those recovering them had their needs met by filling gaps that needed to be filled. FSTS actively engages in first responding to make sure a victim recovered feels supported, seen, heard, and served.

FSTS holds an appointed chair on the Governors Anti Human Trafficking Council and the Timothy Montoya Task Force Prevention of Runaway Youth. Jenelle Goodrich has worked with Colorado Legislation to bring awareness and harsher sentencing to those who would purchase children and exploit them and continues to do so today. FSTS has trained over 4,800 people, ranging from the community to professionals, on Human Trafficking and the best responses and key factors for dealing with this violation. FSTS’s Jenelle Goodrich received the FBI’s Director’s Award for Community Leadership this past May.

FSTS has assisted in 653 years of sentencing against a trafficker. Given 6,219 services to victims. Serves in eight Colorado counties and five additional states for federal cases, to name a few of FSTS’s stats.

FSTS is passionate about creating a holistic approach to teens and young adults to help them overcome trauma and obtain justice for injustice done to them. FSTS has a mission to walk with Trafficked youth from recovery to sentencing, making sure all their needs are met to bring them to their utmost potential while being a liaison within their prosecution process as well as mitigating other obstacles they are facing while they are walking the road to recovery. FSTS stands ready as an ally to the exploited as well as an ally to those who are fighting for them.