Featured business – May 2023

Lendio Denver

Small business owners often face a variety of challenges when needing incremental funds to support their business. They may not qualify for traditional bank loans, may have experienced circumstances that limit their funding options, or may need access to cash within the next 24 hours to cover an unexpected cash flow shortfall.

At Lendio Denver, we provide access to America’s largest online business lending marketplace.

As a professional who very personally understands the challenges that small or growing businesses face when trying to secure funding, I assist small business owners in obtaining loans that can lead to business success, stability, and growth.

Drawing on my own experience as a small business owner, entrepreneur, and inventor, I have developed a unique set of skills that enable me to understand precisely what businesses need. As an inventor, I have concepted and designed products – created out of curiosity and need – and brought them to market. As an entrepreneur, I have collaborated with dozens of community organizations, government agencies, municipalities, and investors to bring new ideas and innovation to market. As a small business owner, I have hired, managed, and employed hundreds of people, ranging from true financial professionals to dog waste cleanup laborers.

Having been in my clients’ shoes, I am fueled by a passion to help other small business owners achieve their goals. My efforts have culminated in helping thousands of local businesses obtain the funding they need to invest in growth, weather market fluctuations, and secure the best funding deals I can find through the Lendio Denver Marketplace, based on their business goals and qualifications.

My intense interest and never-ending curiosity in my clients’ businesses equip me to strategically negotiate with lenders and underwriters on their behalf. Understanding their financial situation, where they are in their business lifecycle, and where they are trying to get to, aids me in securing rates and terms that align with their financial framework.

My goal is to help small business owners to get the best loan I can find, as fast as possible, as cheap as I can find it – whether that’s through me or ANYWHERE else.

To get started, the business owner simply clicks this link to complete the 15-minute online application: www.LendioDenver.com

Call me on my direct line when done 303-747-3538