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Meridian Success Group

Imagine what it would look like to sky rocket your sales in dramatically less time, drive culture change, transform your company and become the best version of yourself.

You’re business minded, a talented leader, work hard and want to be the best. You’re on the road to success…the only question is just how fast you want to get there? Isn’t it time to step on the accelerator? Can you think of anything more fun and exciting than crushing it, dominating your market, maximizing profits and leaving your competition in the dust?

I’d love to partner with you in my role as the founder of Meridian Success Group. I’m a recovering academic with my Ph.D. in Business Administration from CU Boulder. As a former professor and business school dean (for over a decade) including leading the nation’s largest competency based college of business along with many years in the C-Suite, I now serve as a business coach, consultant and trainer specializing in helping entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives and high achieving professionals overcome challenges, plan for the future and create greater wins and success.

I recognized that there are many proven theories and best practices to accelerate individual and organizational growth. Unfortunately, many people and organizations struggle with achieving the results that are possible. I’ve devoted my professional life to understanding high performance. There is no need to reinvent the wheel so I help you step out of the daily grind to have fun building a powerful future. My passion is helping you leverage an approach with systems that optimize the potential so you may build the best business while becoming the best version of yourself.

Are you looking to take it to the next level? Whether you are interested in becoming “your best you”, building a financially successful business, creating the life you’ve imagined or making a difference in the world I serve as a catalyst for positive growth and transformation, helping you to discover and leverage your potential.

I meet you “where you are” and identify solutions for optimizing your pathway to success in business and life.

Also, are you interested in enhancing your communication skills, relationships, sales and emotional intelligence? I also offer a “game changing” tool/training to anyone interested in increasing their quality of their relationships and sales up to 300% while creating the life they’ve imagined.

As my gift to everyone in 0 to 60, I’m offering a complimentary personality report (a $99 value) – please visit

This is superfast – typically less than 60 seconds to complete and you’ll find insights that you may apply right away to increase your impact, influence and income.

Thanks and I look forward to getting to know you and helping you get to your ideal destination!